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Best described as a show without boundaries, Hilby is the living proof that being German doesn’t mean you cannot be funny. While being an expert in juggling all sorts of objects and subjects as well as countless circus and variety skills (such as unicycling, rope walking, unsupported ladder, fire manipulations and eating, balancing stunts and the list goes on and on), he really gets his audience involved and creates magical and hilarious moments through their participation. Watch out for catapults, marshmallows, lots of velcro, and the bowling-ball of terror. Hilby has training in modern dance and mime, and his body is as expressive as the spoken words he speaks. Poetry in motion, a fusion of a fit, and… Yes, all that and more… the long and short of it is that you will love this Skinny German Juggle Boy!

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Street Performers will be up & down the Church Street Marketplace Friday, noon-10 p.m.; Saturday, 11-10 p.m.; & Sunday, 11-6 p.m.

All busking shows are free, but we encourage you to show your support by tipping generously!