The Found Object Fun House

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday, during Festival Hours
Lower Church Street


The Found Object Fun House is a sculptural installation created by teens from King Street Center and Artists Lydia Kern in summer 2019 in Burlington, Vermont. This playful sculpture is made out of uniquely shaped, hinged plywood panels that are arranged to create an inner and outer interactive environment. While creating this maze-like structure, students actively participate in design thinking and artistic processes, learning new skills and technologies including carpentry, laser cutting, and conceptual artistic decision making. Found objects, mirrors, cut plywood shapes, and laser cut transparent fluorescent acrylic forms are embedded in the panels, creating dynamic visual moments for the viewers. This piece, built at Generator Makerspace, aims to spark play, artistic curiosity, and foolishness in its creation by the teens and in its interactions with the public at the Festival of Fools.

Artist Statement

Lydia Kern is a multidisciplinary artist working out of the Hive on Pine Studios in Burlington. Her work primarily consists of sculptural and installation work, creating new spatial and conceptual relationships between found objects. Lydia was the January/February 2018 artist in residence at the Generator Makerspace, and the January 2019 resident of the Lab Program in Mexico City. In 2015, she graduated from UVM with degrees in both social work and art. When teaching art in various settings in Burlington, Lydia utilizes the strengths perspective of social work and the curiosity of the design thinking process, creating people-oriented, process driven spaces for material explorations.