Zipcode Man

Zipcode Man

Boulder, Colorado

Zip codes. Those tricky five-digit numbers are hard to remember for most of us. We’re pleased to introduce you to a very memorable man, Zipcode Man. New to the Festival, Boulder’s David Rosdeitcher began as a touring street performer presenting more traditional fair. As he toured, he started memorizing zip codes. He soon realized his potential – he could become ZIPCODE MAN … nailed it.

Zipcode man has memorized thousands of zip codes. Thousands. He can even tell you something about the locale – like the restaurant on the corner across from the train station. With this arsenal, he’s traveled the world and been interviewed by NPR. We can’t wait to see you try to stump him!

Street Performers will be up & down the Church Street Marketplace Friday, noon-10 p.m.; Saturday, 11-10 p.m.; & Sunday, 11-6 p.m.

All busking shows are free, but we encourage you to show your support by tipping generously!

Check out the daily Street Performer Schedule to know where the Zipcode Man will be performing.