Weekend Guide by Woody

Your Guide to a Weekend of Foolery

By Woody Keppel, Artistic Director, Festival of Fools

Street performing is a centuries-old tradition dating back to the middle-ages when wandering minstrels brought music and merriment to villages and towns.  There have been entertainers performing for gratuities in every major culture throughout the world ever since.

Downtown Burlington is the ideal landscape for fun and foolery for all ages!  Over the past decade, the Queen City has been the meeting place for some of the world’s most renowned street musicians, variety artists and circus acts, whose resumes include international busking festivals, big studio films, leading roles on Broadway, stars of Cirque du Soleil, Ringling

Bros., Big Apple Circus, Monte Carlo, and appearances on all the late-night shows from Carson to Colbert.  We’ll present over 140 performances throughout the weekend, so give yourself plenty of time to catch these remarkable acts. A pleasure awaits you!

 Festival of Fools is produced by Burlington City Arts, and by you, the people, who reward these extraordinary performers with your generous tips.

Come witness weird and wonderful scenes of inspired silliness; feed your soul with music and laugh ’till it hurts comedy, all served up in downtown Burlington!  You’ll be in good company!