Coyote & Crow

Coyote & Crow

Street Performers will be up & down the Church Street Marketplace Friday, noon-10 p.m.; Saturday, 11-10 p.m.; & Sunday, 11-6 p.m.

All busking shows are free, but we encourage you to show your support by tipping generously!

Artist Bio

Originally hailing from the North Country of New York, husband and wife duo Coyote & Crow have been described as the “White Stripes of Bluegrass.” With velvet-meets-sandpaper vocals, high energy foot-stomping rhythms, and unconventional banjo picking, they play a blend of Rock’N’Roll, Folk-Americana and Old Time Mountain music on homemade and modified instruments. Their distinct roots sound, which they have coined “Old-Time Rock’n’Soul is sure to make your heart smile and your feet move.

Currently living in Brooklyn, they have quickly become some of NYC’s most well-known buskers; considered the embodiment of Greenwich Village and the personification of NYC’s creative soul. They have gained worldwide recognition from their viral YouTube video and their One of a Kind Upright Banjo Bass.

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